30 Days of Thankfulness


For the past few years I’ve seen the 30 Days of Thankfulness challenge shared on social media. This year I decided I was going to participate for the entire month of November, not just a few days here and there like I normally do.

How It Works: Each day in November post about something or someone you are thankful for. For example: Facebook–post a status, Twitter–post a tweet, and Instagram–post a textgram. You can use the #30daysofthankfulness hashtag on all three media sites so you can view what others have posted as well. And don’t worry if you’re not social media savvy or if you just don’t want to go that route–you can share with someone close to you or write it down.

I’ll start it off…

Day 1: I am thankful for new beginnings!

See…it’s that easy!

Day 2: I am thankful for the ability to walk and run.

Today I participated in my first Vulcan Run 10K! I was so excited about running it since I signed up, but on last week, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to. I had oral surgery this past Monday and I knew that me being out in the air would be a possible no-no. I almost gave up all hopes and dreams until next year until my doc gave me clearance, but told me to listen to my body. My HB asked, “Why don’t you just walk it?” I did a test run Thursday to see how I felt and I figured maybe I could do just that.


Ready for the race!


My Sole Sisters and I at the race! I even got a picture with Vulcan!


I was so excited when I got home from the Vulcan Run and found my Black Girls RUN! Sweat With Your Sole Virtual 5K/10K medal in the mail! Every girl loves bling! I feel like a winner! 😉

Now, let’s keep the ball of thankfulness growing! Here is why I chose Day 2 for my #30daysofthankfulness:

I had oral surgery Monday and thought I wouldn’t be able to run this morning. It has been hit or miss with pain/discomfort. I started the 30 Days of Thankfulness and reminded myself that running AND walking is something we often take for granted. I saw a man around his 70’s/80’s out there pushing through to finish that 6.2. I’m like wow…he’s out here doing it, I can do it too! I completed my 10K and hit a PR goal–even with discomfort. I wasn’t feeling my best, but I gave it all I had today and finished! For every milestone great or small there are so many others who wish they could do the same. So I’m gonna add my 6.2 miles to the books, take these meds, relax, and thank God that I had the opportunity to do it all over again! #Isaiah4031

It’s RunVember!


I can’t believe November is here! You know what that means…the holiday season, peppermint bark, and 2014 is right around the corner! October was a rather interesting month for me. I wanted to up my mileage, but I had a few challenges so I didn’t get in as many miles as I anticipated. Busy schedules, long days, and doing what your body requires at that moment–it just happens. I had to get an unexpected surgery which limited my activity.  I’ve also been limited to mashies and ice cream, but I guess that’s not too bad. Well, when you eat a whole pint of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla for dinner, that can become too easy! But–I’m feeling much better!


I signed up for my first Vulcan Run 10K which will be held this Saturday, November 2. Even though I might walk it, depending how my body feels, I’m really excited about it! I definitely don’t want to overdo it. The great thing is–whether I walk or run it, I’m still going to get out there and get those miles in…and there’s still time to register!

magic city half

I’m also excited about another big event towards the end of the month. It’s perfect timing as we get ready to partake in Turkey Day festivities and good eating! I’ll be running the Magic City Half Marathon part of the Ruben Studdard Celebration Weekend. I decided to add this race to my 2013 calendar as part of my preparation/training for my first Run Disney event, the Princess Half Marathon, in 2014! *insert scream here* I’ll tell you more about that later. This will be my second, half marathon and a lot of my running buds will be participating as well!

I’m looking forward to a great RunVember and an awesome month as we get closer to bringing 2013 to a close. I’m expecting GREAT things and I hope you are too!

Do you have any special plans, big races, or events coming up this month?


Natural “Hair-O-Ween” Inspired by Grace Jones

Grace Sataya

I’m a Hair Enthusiast! Hair…is just something that I love! I’ve always been a fan of fly, funky, and fun and can’t forget easy to manage. Every fall/winter I protective style with either braids, twists, or locs. I don’t celebrate Halloween, but last year I wanted to dress up and do something fun, but having my faux locs installed — I had no clue what. Then I came across Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey’s (Chescalocs) Natural Hair-O-Ween video where she collaborated with other naturals on YouTube. When I ran across Ambrosia Malbrough’s Grace Jones Hair-O-Ween tutorial, I said–that’s IT!  I absolutely love Grace Jones so I figured out a way to make her look work with my locs. This is not a tutorial, but to show you the final result and inspire you with some ideas!


I am none other than… Grace Jones, the “remarkably unchanged”, a true living legend, fashion icon, and FIERCE unequivocal beauty!

  Sataya Peace

Make-up: I made Ambrosia’s look my own, but used similar tones. Just have fun with it!

Face: MAC – Studio Fix “Fluid” NW46

Face: Ruby Kisses – 3D Face Creator – Level 8

Eyes: Coastal Scents (88 color palette) Shadow: darker shades for my eyes

Mascara: L’Oreal Carbon

Cheeks/Face:  Cover Girl – Ebony Bronzer

Lip Liner: Jaguar Luxury Cosmetics – Plum and Black

Lipstick:  Revlon – VaVa Violet with a hint of Cover Girl – Embrace

Sataya Cat

View Ambrosia’s Grace Jones – Natural Hair-O-Ween Tutorial

Here are more videos from the Natural Hair-O-Ween Collab!

Niobe from the Matrix – http://youtu.be/ItXTKqbvFqg
Medusalocs – http://youtu.be/KwZnR7LnW3A
Tyra Banks – http://youtu.be/mEfeG5oRX24
Princess Lea from Star Wars – http://youtu.be/SmCvrLLKFK4
Janelle Monáe – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mpOH2…
Susi from Rugrats – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHfonl…
Grace Jones http://youtu.be/dbn77IQFvHE


It’s Classic Time In The City!


For those who don’t know, The Magic City Classic or what many call “The Classic”–is probably one of THE biggest events that comes to the city of Birmingham (AL). Birmingham has been the hosting city for decades! Alabama State University Hornets vs. Alabama A&M University Bulldogs battle it out not only on the football field, but also with the bands! It’s tradition. It’s culture! Oh, and the dancers go just as hard! Robin Thicke’s new music video, Give It 2 U, features The Alabama State Stingettes–which was first premiered on MTV’s Video Music Awards. What’s also exciting…Ice Cube will be the Grand Marshall of the Magic City Classic Parade and game Halftime show Celebrity Ambassador. There will also be a post-game concert by Morris Day and The Time! “I got a brand new dance it’s called, The Bird!” I know you remember that! You can see the full schedule of events here.

imageI won tickets to the 72nd Annual Magic City Classic this year! A big thank you to Hot 107.7 Birmingham!

There is a lot of family history with Alabama State. My Mom as well as some of my HB’s family are graduates of ASU. Classic Weekend is such a fun time of year where I see a lot of my family, catch up with old friends, attend different events, tailgate, eat great food, and just have a great time! It’s also the one time of year where I truly indulge in a few of my favorites. For example–you cannot go near Legion Field and not get a polish sausage–especially a Chicago-style polish sausage from TRAVIS food truck or his famous “Bear Burger”!


Okay, before you say anything–I DID NOT eat this! This is actually the Grizzly Bear Burger! It’s 5lbs of ground goodness, polish sausage, onions, peppers, cheese and secret sauce. It truly deserves to be on The Travel Channel’s Hamburger Paradise! Crazy!

I’m so looking forward to every minute of it! Do you participate in Magic City Classic Weekend? If so, what’s your favorite part of the festivities?

Check out Robin Thicke’s New Video featuring the ASU Stingettes! Warning: video does contain explicit content.